2023 Wild Craft Play 'sCool Annual Report

2023 Wild Craft Play 'sCool Annual Report

Elevating the spirits of young people through the joy of story and adventure in Nature tends the Earth and lifts all of our hearts. We are blessed to be here!

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This year we...

  • Practiced the art of humility & gratitude; giving before taking
  • Were part of the solution in mental health and the health of the Earth
  • Helped young people feel good about themselves

This summer we launched a Wild Craft Live Action Role Play Club with low barriers to access and were thrilled to connect 40 youth and 4 leaders, one elder and other friends to the land, each other and themselves. It was such a gift to be on the lands of Innisfree Botanical Garden & Farm, Fallen Alders Hall and the Royston Wrecks beach. One of the most extraordinary moments that has not only impacted the summer, but still lives on in our stories was when we met...

"I have been with many many groups, and this is by far the most well-behaved group I have ever met."
Elder and Adviser Josie Marie

We have HUGE Gratitude and a blanket of Thanks to our donors and sponsors. Without you we couldn't have provided so much support and adventure to these families. Please check out our list of sponsors and make an effort to engage with them about what they did.

Click Here for more info.

Resources & Library

Over the years we have produced and collected many resources and are creating more daily. We have all sorts of resources that we crafted in 2023. Some are free, some have fees, but please reach out if you have any questions.

Have a look at what's available.

Celebrating our community of 2023 with stories...

A story of choice that fostered trust.

Alex is a vibrant boy who truly thrives when he is spending time 1-to-1. Many children struggle with the chaos of group dynamics, and in the snow this year we are finding success... because we did things a bit different.

Some of the most extraordinary Staff we have ever had

This year not only did we have extraordinary staff, but the level of connection is so heart warming.

From Last Resort to Preventative Work

When I first started out in 2004, I was a Fun Facilitator for "youth at risk." Kids fresh out of juvenile detention and hooking on the streets. After what I witnessed, I dedicated my life to this preventative work.


Heart Skills Talk Series

We began this Talk Series to help people become more confident as leaders of youth.

Wild Craft Live-Action Role-Play Training

We created an online community of practice and training for people to lead, play and grow together.

Wild Craft Live-Action

Role-Play (LARP) Club

Quests, Adventures, Community and Life Skills

Began June 2023 with 50 members joined YAY!

Current Campaign "The Glory of the Wild"

Gates Open to New Members April 9, 2024

Learn more by clicking the button


We raised over $2200

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Social Capital Raised

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Environmental Impact

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Our In-House Subsidy Fund NEEDS Recovering

*** It is hard to have to say this, as we had hoped that we gained more financial support in the launch of this club, but with will power and a lot of patience from staff and lenders, we are in need of recovering our In-House Subsidy Fund and finding funds to support more requests in 2024.

- Recovering $4700 from Summer Club 2023

- Recovering $2200 from Fall Club 2023

- Recovering $2500 from In-House Subsidy for SoLe Adventure Program

Already, families are requesting subsidy for $5000 from now until June for our club as well as a proposal for a new SoLe Adventure Program request new request for a SD71 program for grade 6ers waiting on funding.

Looking for ways to engage?

If every one of our email contacts became a member, we would make $2000 a month just from this. If every person who followed us on social media subscribed, we would have 10s of thousands.

As some of you may know, we are in need of finding a new home. The options are quite limited and we wish to stay in the Comox Valley area. If you find anywhere, please let Jamie know asap. We seek a place we can turn into this image above, where magic and joy will ignite wonder and change for youth and the Earth. We are manifesting near a forest, where we can be free to roam, have fires, archery, sword play and grow food.

Our fantastical chariot is in need of replacement. Our 2014 Nissan Versa Note "Selkie" has treated us so so well. If you have any way to support us with this please let us know. We are seeking a newer version of the same thing. Great gas mileage, Thule on the roof, good tires, low mileage, used.

We welcome it all with ease and grace.

Thanks to You, Last Year You Helped...

Youth with Autism & Varying Needs

Our SoLe Adventure Program consists of Behavior Interventionists, Behavior Support Workers and Respite Workers who work 1-to-1 with youth with Autism and other varying needs. Some of our families cannot afford the full cost of support, yet truly value the connection that we foster, the time spent on grand adventures and the life skills gained. Read about our program and how you have helped...

Curating Cleaner Waters

Initiated by a crew of 9 extraordinary youth and adults on Denman Island to solve the problem of waste ending up on the shores of Denman. Sponsored by the Association for Denman Island Marine Stewards and engaged with Ocean Legacy and others. Enlisted subscription of over 200 people to our online email stories and backstage antics. Growing to 10 Extraordinary artists who have contributed to this production, and we are seeking funds to produce. Read our Current Story...

Wild Craft Live Action Role Play

After a summer of quality connection and joy, our LARP Game Levelled up, with new resources, ideas, an updated manual and new folx interested in playing, we are being asked to host Adventure Quests from Quadra to Denman, Nanaimo and Courtenay.

We ran our regular Tuesday program with the Lake Trail Community Education Society at Morrison Creek Park.

Click Here to see our January Adventure Quest with 45 people who attended

Click Here to see our March Adventure Quest with 35 people who attended

Click Here if you want to join the conversation for Spring 2024 adventures.

Launch the Trainer in a Box Program

Trainer in a Box is a self-help easily accessible resource that you can access on your own time online or on your cell phone.

We provide videos, a community of support and access to real mentors in a secure and private app.

This experience is tailored to people who work with youth, yet adaptable for all ages.

"I can't believe all of the things you have done to make this happen, this was amazing."
Said by a dad on a day of Adventure Questing at Innisfree Botanical Garden and Farm with 35 others

Will you become a member for $5/m?

If every one of our email contacts became a member, we would make $2000 a month just from this. If every person who followed us on social media subscribed, we would have 10s of thousands.

Fewf! Thank you for reading to the end, not everyone does!

Take good care!

Wild Wishes,

Jamie Black MA, BI, iMBA candidate
Master of Arts in Environmental Education & Communication
(I prefer Master of Adventure)
Consultant, Facilitator & Founder of
LinkedIn @WildCraftPlay
Instagram @WildCraftPlaysCool

It's an honor and privilege to be working and playing on K'omoks First Nation Territory (Sathloot, Sasitla, Ieeksun, Pentlatch)in beautiful British Columbia

3872 Warren Ave, Royston, BC V0R 2V0
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