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From Basic Outdoor Guiding Practices to Live Action Role Play & Behavior Support


Mentorship and Peer Support Online and In-Person

Once you have watched our videos, learned from us and connected in-community, you're starting to realize the value of becoming a member, and that

It Takes a Village

Members of Wild Craft Play receive:

  • Secret Invitations
  • First Dibs on Adventures and Resources
  • Prize Winning Opt-Ins
  • Product & Service Discounts
  • Locals to the Comox Valley receive Invites and special VIP treatment at events

Content Includes...

  • Alluring Stories of Recent
  • Ways to Immerse Yourself
  • Tools and Tutorials for facilitating engaging and meaningful play for ages 8-12
  • Learning with Jamie Black MA, BI & Friends

How's that sound?