We offer online training, presentations, mentorship and a community of support in adventurous outdoor play for outdoor leaders working with ages 8 and up.

For Beginner Outdoor Leaders

To enhance skills in risky outdoor play for people who are new to outdoor play with activities such as hiking, field games, exploration, imaginative play, swordplay, archery, tree climbing, water play and more.

When we first start out as an outdoor leader one of the biggest fears is someone getting hurt, or worse. We have all been there. Yet once you get some experience under your belt, have a way to reflect on your experience and have a community of people to share with and gain insight from, the journey that can sometimes feel lonely gets easier.

For Experienced Outdoor Leaders

To improve confidence as a leader and enhance engagement through activities such as Wild Craft Live Action Role Play and higher risk activities such as mountain biking and more.

As an experienced outdoor leader we have all the resources we need, we are confident in the work we do, we know the landscape, we have contingency plans A, B, C an even F. We have clear communication with our learners, fellow leaders and parents, and the path is clear to us. Sometimes we hit a wall and find that we need something more engaging for our learners, we are hitting a wall when it comes to relating to youth, we need some guidance on how to re-engage our group.

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Here is a little video of a conversation about behavior support between

Founder and Behavior Interventionist Jamie Black and

Behavior Support Worker and Education Assistant Karolane Gelineault.

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    Let's Play

    Adventurous Outdoor Play

    for Beginner Outdoor Leaders

    If you are a beginner outdoor leader...

    Isn't it a wonder, to transform lives through outdoor play?

    We all come from a different walk of life, with different skills, abilities, access and resources.

    Which means that learning how to be a competent and confident outdoor leader who can handle risky play comes to all of us in different ways. There isn't one source of training, it requires experience, reflection and support.

    Which is why we provide a community of support and self-help resource guides to pick and choose from, offering direct guidance on specific issues such as how to deal with rambunctious youth and what to do when there is an argument.

    Whether you need help understanding how to be due-diligent and prevent harm, how to craft the perfect adventure, or how to be a more engaging facilitator, our options below will help, or you can...

    Wild Craft Live Action Role Play

    For Experienced Outdoor Leaders

    If you are an experienced outdoor leader...

    Then you must be looking for more ways to engage your group. Well you have come to the right place.

    If you don't know what Live Action Role Play is, get ready for a world of adventure, mystery, danger and improvised play. Built from the shoulders of giants, Wild Craft Live Action Role Play is a game platform crafted by founder Jamie Black, developed with and for children since 2004.

    Take Mine Craft, Dungeons and Dragons, Wild Craft, and real herbalism, social/emotional skill development and Earth-Conscious practices and mix them all together in a game of magic and myths.

    Ignite wonder and love for the Earth through role-play that meets children and youth where they are at, igniting them through external motivations like gold coins, quests, characters and monsters. Then, with banter, luck and skill, eventually find their internal motivation to want to learn, do good for the community, and take care of the Earth, each other and in-turn, themselves.

    About our offer

    Each resource has a different cost, and depending on the level of support you need, we are happy to create a package tailored to your needs.

    Our Community of Support is an online platform and App that you can access at your leisure with confidential conversations, private teachings and fellow leaders in the field. It costs $40/month.

    Each Resource in our Library has a different rate from Free to Full Courses. We charge $37 for 6 of our basic training videos. Options are limited to specific training videos. Different fees apply.

    1-to-1 Online Coaching differs with each client based on regularity and level of support required.

    Book a free discovery call to see if we can help.

    Looking for Professional Development with Jamie Black MA, BI (more info below)

    All payments are made by e-transfer to [email protected]

    Training provided by

    Jamie Black, MA, BI

    Behavior Interventionist and Outdoor Play Specialist, Bard,

    & Master of Adventure

    Available for:

    Online Professional Development.

    Topics include, yet aren't limited to: Risky Outdoor Play, Engaging Facilitation, Relevant Scenarios of Behavior Intervention & Support, Live-Action Role-Play, Group Dynamic Management, Risk and Hazard Assessment, Mindfulness Practices, Learn by Doing, Having Fun with a Purpose and more.

    Jamie Black has over 20 years in the field as a professional outdoor guide in caving, canoeing, wilderness survival, kayaking and Live-Action Role-Play, as well as an NCCP Level 3 Certified Competitive Coach in sailing and rock climbing. As a Bard, Wild Crafter, and a Child Whisperer with an MA in Environmental Education and Communication Jamie founded Wild Craft Play 'sCool in 2004. Jamie is an extraordinary facilitator who transforms leaners, making each experience unique to the group and engaging for all involved. Following a Guided Discovery Learning technique Jamie coined as "The Hummingbird Approach," you can expect role-play and a sense of adventure, especially if you get to play outside!

    Learn as leaders to elevate the resilience and confidence of children, youth and adults ...

    and in-turn ...

    elevate yourself.



    Kelli Rosenbeck teacher at a private school trained and licensed facilitator of Wild Craft Play


    Audio interview with Adrianne director of Oak and Orca Bioregional Forest School trained and licensed facilitator of Wild Craft Play


    Interview with Annette Principal in a public school and Petra teacher in a public school both licensed facilitators of Wild Craft Play