SoLe Adventure is where children, youth and adults with varying needs such as Autism, ADHD, ODD, FASD, LD, brain injuries and/or experienced trauma and varying needs get to escape into Nature and feel safe, guided and supported. We focus on building confidence and life skills through exploration, play, art, music and other curious activities. We offer learning support and professional development and training.

We are available for a 1-to-1 adventure or Small Group Outdoor Adventure with experienced Behavior Support Workers and Interventionists. These activities are most suited to able-bodied individuals.

Available for weekly bookings, training and presentations.

Here is a little video of a conversation about teachable moments between Founder and Behavior Interventionist Jamie Black and Behavior Support Worker and Learning Assistant Karolane Gelineault.

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    Behavior Support
    & Training Available

    Jamie Black MA, BI

    Jamie Black, Behavior Interventionist, Presenter and Outdoor Play Specialist;

    Available for:

    Online Professional Development Training & a Community of Support in our Online App.

    Jamie Black has over 20 years in the field as a professional outdoor guide in caving, canoeing, wilderness survival, kayaking and Live-Action Role-Play, as well as an NCCP Level 3 Certified Competitive Coach in sailing and rock climbing. As a Bard, Wild Crafter, and a Child Whisperer with an MA in Environmental Education and Communication Jamie founded Wild Craft Play 'sCool in 2004. Specializing in play for ages 8 and up, Jamie is an extraordinary facilitator who transforms leaners, making each experience unique to the group and engaging for all involved. Following a Guided Discovery Learning technique Jamie coined as "The Hummingbird Approach," you can expect role-play and a sense of adventure, especially if you get to play outside!

    Learn as leaders to elevate the resilience and confidence of children, youth and adults ...

    and in-turn ...

    elevate yourself.

    Karolane Gelineault, BA, BSW

    Karolane Gelineault, Behavior Support Worker;

    Available for:

    Behavior Interventionist with ages 3 and up.

    Mondays between 1 and 6pm

    Karolane is a learning assistant who has worked with children and youth for over fifteen years in both one-on-one and group settings within BC Schools. She has extensive experience and knowledge in education, child development, early learning, human psychology, learning/behavior theory and nature led learning. She holds a BA in psychology and inclusive education, a childcare assistant certificate (ECEA). Through this innate relationship, the essential magic of nature connection guides us to show up authentically within community. Karolane is passionate about fostering access to inclusive, nature led experiences for diverse learners of all ages and stages.

    To contact Karolane email [email protected]

    A support program of

    Wild Craft Play 'sCool

    Seeking Training in Adventurous Outdoor Play OR Live Action Role Play?

    We want to extend a warm blanket of gratitude to all those who have sponsored, offered discounts, shown up and offered gifts, are still contributing and engaging in such loving and kind ways.

    When a person shows up in the middle of a program to give us Willow because they know we are weaving, or offers a discount on a service that we would have had to pay full price, it all goes back into the In-House Subsidy fund that sponsors the families who travel to us from other islands like Quadra and Hornby Island.

    These youth are blessed to have your support.