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January 2024

New Behavior Support Worker in town WAHOO

Allow me to introduce Karolane Gélineault an extraordinary human with a wealth of knowledge, experience and skills in behavior support.

Offering: Behaviour and learning support through Inclusive, nature led experiences for diverse learners of all ages.
Available as a BSW within any program.

Current Availability: Mondays (1-6), Tuesdays (8:30 - 3), Thursdays (8:30 - 6pm), Fridays (1-6).

Karolane joined our team in the SoLe Adventure program of Wild Craft Play 'sCool in Sept 2023.


Also, founder Jamie Black MA, BI is available to offer

Training for Behavior Support Workers & Facilitating Wild Craft Play

Specializing in Outdoor Play


Free Improv Role-Play Adventure Quest Training has Begun. Visit www.wildcraftplay.ca/adventure

Folx are logging in for free online gathering from across this Salish Sea Archipelago to Quest and Adventure together. No experience required, and the fun part is figuring out what to wear.
Join experienced and beginner Player Characters in multiple upcoming Quests on Quadra, Denman and in Courtenay. Wish to become a Non-Player Character? Someone who helps build the World of Wild Craft Play, visit www.wildcraftplay.ca/adventure for more info.

Upcoming Events

with Wild Craft Play 'sCool

Non-Player Character Portal is Open + On-Land training is...

March 2 from 10am - 2pmLearn to Improv & Role-Play

Work on your Character Kit

Meet the others and take on a role

Outdoor Safety Protocol

Archery, Swordplay and more

Location TBD.

Visit www.wildcraftplay.ca/adventure for more info

Quest of the Wild on Quadra Island

March 30 from 12p-5p

at Quadra Island Community Centre

Visit www.wildcraftplay.ca/adventure for more info

Quest on Denman TBD

End of April from 12p-5p

Denman somewhere

Visit www.wildcraftplay.ca/adventure for more info

Tuesdays Wild Craft LARP Club

April 9th Gates Open Again for our next Campaign

No Live Action Role Play (LARP) experience required.

For ages 8 to 1083:45-6pm

Contact jamie.wildcraftplay@gmail.com

2023 was a great, fun and challenging year, and we are growing! We just wanted to thank you for being part of the fun.

We are now diving into our 20th year in service with optimism and opportunities focusing on

Earth & Wonder

Here's the Annual Report if you want to see.

Ways to contribute are in the link.

2023 Wild Craft Play Annual Report

There's all sorts of things we accomplished last year.

Thank you for playing with us.

Take care!

3872 Warren Ave, Royston, BC V0R 2V0
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