Adventure Questing

Across the Salish Sea Archipelago


For Quest of the Wild at Quadra Island

at the Quadra Island Community Centre

March 30th

Contact [email protected]

Adventure Questing is a day of adventure. Arrive in your character kit, prepare to mingle, purchase, prepare for a quest, scheme and swindle. Training in the Sword and Spell Casting commences after registration closes.

First Conch we gather, hear the quest of the day, meet the characters and learn the terrain.

Prepare for guts and glory.


$50/person or $150 for a party of 4

NPC's pay $20/person + time to prepare

NPC Training has begun

Player Characters (PC):

Show up as whatever character you wish ALL IDENTITIES ARE WELCOME!

Bring extra loot incase you want to adorn yourself with our rentals or purchase wares like foam swords or talismans. And get ready for ridiculous fun.

Benefits of being a PC.

You get to show up and enjoy, no extra time spent and you get to choose what happens in the game. Be ignited by wonder and story and engage with a pop-up village for a day. What to wear and packing list available upon Registration.

Non-Playable Characters (NPC):

NPC's get to engage well before the adventure, preparing kits, learning the backstory and secret missions. You respond to the actions of the PC's. Whether you want to be a villager crafting in the Sacred Market Place, or a Gate Keeper, a Guard or a Gremlin or a Monster... all are welcome. Having at least 50% of the people as NPC's is ideal. Oh and NPC's get XP.


For Mar 2 NPC ONLY Training

Expect 3-4 hrs schedule TBD

Mid-Day somewhere in Courtenay

Open to suggestions of where and exactly when

Archery & Swordplay Fun

+ Q&A and Workshops

  • Emotional and Social First Aid Training
  • First Aid Protocol
  • Kit Making (bring all your resources, tools and ideas and share on the portal too)
  • Sword Training
  • Archery Training
  • Treasury
  • Sacred Market Place Prep
  • Monster Training

$15-25 Sliding Scale

Required for ANYONE who is coming to the upcoming Adventure Quests

There will be an indoor space to stay warm, with random outdoor doings as we see fit.

March 2nd

Free Online Training & Community Building

Permission to stay engaged in the portal after the event to prepare for future events.

Story-Crafter in Training?

Schedule for Public Adventure Questing Days

10am Non-Playable Characters arrive for setup

12pm PC's arrive to register

1pmish First Conch

4pmish Last Conch

5pm Tear Down - Everybody helps

March 2nd NPC Training - in Courtenay 12p location TBD

March 30th ~ Quadra Community Centre

10am arrive and set up

Ask about accommodations

End of April ~ Denman Island TBD

More dates coming soon

If you are new, enter your email address to request an information package. If you are already an NPC it's all in the portal.

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